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Welcome to our website!

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Our first in the long history of the Dunsford Singers....... We encourage members to submit memories, photographs, drawings (hello Gerald), really anything that may interest fellow singers. (The BLOG may be the best place for some but I'd like the 'Past Events' section to enlarge, that's my job). When and how did the choir start? Who has taken on the roll of conductor in the past, that sort of thing.

The URL or web address is

Remember, the site will be public so possibly viewed anywhere on earth, Wow!

Please use 'CONTACT DUNSFORD SINGERS' at the foot of the home page to contact our secretary with any queries you may have.

Any comments about the site are gratefully received!!

All the best & happy singing.....

Jan Traylen.

Do email me for additions to the website at

this is our logo....thanks to Maurice for the flower show 3d musical art....

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