John Fletcher Music, YouTube & other websites with rehearsal files

Many members of the choir are using the very well stocked library of .mp3 rehearsal music files that

JFM provides on his website. He pays The Performing Rights Society & copyright holders of the music for using the in-copyright material. Out of copyright scores are free. (this applies to Schubert Mass in G). The address is:   

His home page has a free Elgar .mp3 to try out. If you wish to join as a choir member, the cost is £3 per year. Just send your full name & email address to me, Jan Traylen.    (to contact the choir secretary please use 'contact Dunsford Singers' on the home page). by doing this you agree to my sharing your details.

An email link to JFM registration page will then be sent from his site, agree to opt-in & create a password, then you're in. Now search for the music, select the version required, then download & save the .mp3 files or stream them.

JFM also stores MIDI files (amongst others), these are only available for download of music out of copyright.

MIDI files contain all the parts & instruments used, in one download. These parts can then be customised according to your wishes.

Here is a link to a choir that has very good instruction for btinternet users who may not be receiving the JFM invite email:

These are the two address you should add to contacts/people/safe list to, hopefully, let the emails through btinternets rather over zealous (in my view) spam filters:    and

The site is full of help, so do look at the site if you're confused or just downright frustrated! That's all that I've done. You'll get the hang of it.......

Searching for music

John suggests keeping the number of words entred in the box to a few. e.g. 'bach o jesu christ' so don't add 'words by Martin Behm'. Often a number of results are found, choose the one with words by Martin Behm at this stage. Oddly, searching for 'toto africa' music was not found by entering these two words! Only 'Africa' got a result! These tips are from previous years but are kept to give you the idea. Persevere!

Once you've found the correct piece click on its large blue title. The next page populates the SATB files & voice splits and shows at the top of the page instructions on how to proceed.

JFM search key word hints for Christmas 2019

“Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.”

― Franz Schubert

Schubert - Mass No.2 in G, Novello score

This score is out of copyright & so is free, you don't have to be a paid-up member.......

  • schubert mass in g     

I found the above search words helpful: type or copy & paste them into 'search the Rehearsal Files' box on JFM site & see the results. Choose the top one in the list, click on the blue title, now click on your part. Always check for the right arranger/words by/tenor split/, etc. when music is found.

  • NOTE: the mass is long - you'll notice it's split into its six sections, starting '1 Kyrie', download individually, all six.


More rehearsal aids for The Mass:-

Youtube has:

& also has a number of rehearsal videos of the mass in voice parts.



Cyberbass has:-

This is a link direct to the Schubert Mass parts from Helen Harding

She says:

"I like it because you can hear the other parts quietly in the background when you play your own part.  You can also slow it down using the grid below the volume line - these appear between tracks 3 and 4."

Gerald emailed me to say:

"On page 32, 3rd bar of the Schubert Mass, the 1st note for the bass is incorrectly sounded on the Schubert aid, (Cyberbass) the note sounded in the aid is G, it should be lower at E. 

Chord Perfect has (pay for):

with singing parts

Choraline has (pay for):

Northern Lights by Ola Gjeilo

This score is in copyright - see payment details due to JFM at the top of this page.

  • northern lights ola   (search words to use)

I found the above search words helpful: type or copy & paste them into 'search the Rehearsal Files' box on JFM site & see the results. Choose the one in the list, click on the blue title, now click on your part. (see 'Searching for music' on this page).

More rehearsal aids for Northern lights by Ola Gjeilo:-

Learning Tracks

The following parts on YouTube are all sung by a man & has a brief advert at the beginning.... 


I Wonder as I Wander by Carl Rutti

This piece is in-copyright. JFM files (see top of page) only for paying members:-

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